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    Russia is a country of incredible dimensions. Did you know that Siberia alone is 7 times larger than Texas and Russia's total surface area surpasses that of Pluto? Liden & Denz as your trusted partner, specialises in creating unforgettable individual and group travel experiences to iconic destinations such as St. Petersburg, Moscow, Lake Baikal, Kazan, Altay, and many more. Let us guide you through the captivating landscapes and rich cultural heritage of this country. Start your Russian adventure with us today!

    What We Can Offer You

    On our website, you can effortlessly book hotels in Russia online, with the convenience of paying using ​any credit or debit card, and receive instant confirmation of your reservation.

    But that's not all – we offer a range of comprehensive services to ensure a seamless travel experience. ​Need an invitation for your trip to Russia? We've got you covered. Looking for travel insurance? We'll ​help you find the perfect coverage. Arriving at the airport and need a transfer? Leave it to us. Want to ​explore the wonders of Russia with a knowledgeable guide? Our professional guides will accompany ​you on unforgettable tours.

    What Our Clients Say
    The assistance given to us prior to arrival (invitation letter, pick up at the airport and transfer to hotel, help assistance with filling for registration) and at school (during the stay) was excellent!
    The organisation of my stay by Liden & Denz Inbound Travel Services was perfect, starting from the airport pick-up to the accommodation! The staff were always very kind and willing to help!
    I had a good experience with Liden & Denz. The team was professional, responsive, and always ready to answer my questions. My visa application was successful, thanks to their assistance.